Mafia Wars Autoplayer

Level up while you were sleeping...

Auto level-up your Mafia NOT your eyebugs!

I'm asking for a donation not to scam you or anything, the script really works if you follow the instructions carefully. I'm not forcing you to donate, it's all up to you. Kindly don't tell me that I'm taking money on you without any help from me in return. First, building this website just to inform you that Mafia Wars Autoplayer exists. MWAP can help you rest and even have a good night sleep while the autoplayer is in charge of playing your Mafia Wars account. 

MWAP is a great game!

We all love it. If we didn't, we wouldn't be here. But even this great game, enjoyed by millions, has its flaws. And that is where MWAP (and other scripts) have stepped in. MWAP gives you the ability to play the parts of the game you enjoy, and skip the parts you don’t; without slowing down your characters progression.


MWAP gives you the stats you love to track. How much money have you robbed? How much money have you taken in from fights? How often do you win/lose? We even have stats calculated by the hour for those that love to track ‘em (pretty graphs too).

Ever wonder what the experience return is on doing jobs? on fighting or robbing? MWAP has that. Don’t you wish you knew which folks you could beat, and which ones would clean your clock? MWAP will let you know!

Do you like knowing who’s attacked you, how much money they have taken? Don’t you wish you had a log that was longer than Zynga currently provides? MWAP has that… If you like a lot of details in your log, you got it. You want few details in your log? No problem. What if you only want to know when someone attacks you? No problem, MWAP does that too.

Do you love fighting, but hate doing jobs? MWAP loves to do jobs. Let, MWAP do the jobs and you can do all the fighting. Do you hate fighting but love doing jobs? MWAP is a fighter, not a lover. Let it do the work for you. Do you want to know how many experience points you need for the next level? MWAP has that. Do you want to be able to heal with one click instead of many? MWAP has done that too. Maybe you just want MWAP to automatically heal for you; it doesn't mind.

Do you just want MWAP to bank your money? No Problem. Do you forget to get your free daily chance tickets? MWAP doesn’t forget. Do you forget to cash in on your businesses or maybe you couldn't be bothered by it? Well, MWAP won’t forget that either. It will diligently do all the things your don’t like to, but want done.

Do you find that it’s more fun managing your character, tracking your stats, improving your character, maximizing your property output and income? Maybe you enjoy tweaking MWAP to maximize what is important to you. Maybe you don’t like jobs, fighting, etc. Maybe you just enjoy building the best character you can and seeing your skills displayed in stats in MWAP. MWAP doesn't mind. MWAP will gleefully do your bidding, day and night while you watch your character grow.

Are you sick and tired of popup screens that jump up at you while you play. MWAP doesn'tlike ‘em either. If you tell it to, it will get rid of them for you.

But many of our peers had things they didn't like, or wanted to improve. Like gifting, for example. Let’s say your friend who has been listening to you tell them how great MW is, wants to play. You have some extra loot so you decide to help him out. Then you discover you can send them one item at a time via a painfully slow interface. Rich and others have created great scripts that take care of that for you. So you can help out your buds!

Remember the days before heart-rates scripts? Ack! Those were dark times, man. Do you want to find the best person for your top mafia position? Good luck using the MW interface. You will have to scroll through screen by screen in now apparent order and hope that you find someone for the job. If you find someone and promote them you have to start all over again. Sigh. Well, Bobby made a script that takes care of that. d/l your mafia and sort them in Open Office spreadsheet and you will quickly find your top folks.

So next time the GM of Zynga asks why do you even play the game when you use an autoplayer? You can tell him why!

Enjoy the game! we do; because of MWAP!


What is Mafia Wars Autoplayer?

Mafia Wars is a very addictive multiplayer browser game created by Zynga, it is available on Facebook as a Facebook Apps, if you are like me and you have been bitten by the Mafiawars bug, and wish you have more patience in waiting for the energy to be filled up so that you can do more job or your just plain lazy and want to have all those things like fighting and harvesting cuban business automated I got just the thing for you, Mafia Wars Autoplayer, Mafia Wars Autoplayer is a script made to work with greasemonkey add-on on your Firefox browser, with the Mafia Wars Autoplayer you will be able to automate doing jobs, harvesting cuban business, deposit money when it reaches certain amount automatically, do fighting, robbing even collect bounty for you, it can also auto purchase inventories for you, probably on of the best thing with Mafia Wars Autoplayer is when it does a job, and you don't have the prerequisite item for that particular job it will automatically go and do the job to try and fill the prerequisite which is great, for those of you that is addicted to Mafia Wars check it out.

See how it works.


Note: This video demonstration is the older version of MWAP. More features are available as of this day and updating every week.


1. Install Firefox for windows. ( click the image below )


2. Download and install the Greasemonkey Add-on for Firefox ( make sure that you are using Firefox browser )


3. Restart Firefox and click the icon below.

You will be link to Paypal donation page, after donating you will be redirected to the script page automatically, download the script and install.

Greasemonkey icon must appear on the lower right corner of firefox browser and it must be on before making a donation, make sure firewall and pop-up blocker are off then on them after the script is installed.

When making a donation make sure pop-up blocker is off or you will not be able to install the script.

Final Step

4. Restart Firefox and play Mafia Wars then refresh the page. Enjoy doing jobs even while you were sleeping! Now you can level up faster instead of leveling up your eyebugs...

New Features

  • Introducing job bursts, help drain your energy faster! 
  • Introducing stamina bursts, help drain your stamina faster! 
  • Bangkok support for choosing sides (General Tab)
  • Bangkok jobs added
  • Bangkok support for auto-banking / selling business output
  • Added publishing of Iced opponent bonus, Level up bonus (much thanks to crazydude)
  • Automatically use miniPack every 8 hours (+25% max energy)
  • Auto-publish secret stash found while fighting (mafia tab option)
  • Ice Check (credits to to scooy78)
  • Random stamina usage (Stamina Tab --> Spend Stamina Randomly)
  • Add/remove friend to and from war list (from friend's profile)
Bug fixes:
  • Fighting fixes
  • Hot link healing while fighting
  • Modified iframe loading logic
  • Fixed publishing (wall posting)
  • Fixed time left for job format
  • Fixed language checking (non-english facebook accounts should now be able to at least load MWAP)
  • Fixed pre-req items loot collection (attempt #2)
  • Fixed pre-req items looting/buying (attempt #1) :)
  • Mismatch bonus energy / exp calculation (reported by janman)
  • Energy pack parsing
Upcoming features/bug fixes:
  • Auto-click stashed items found when doing jobs

Mafia Wars Autoplayer Features

  • auto refresh page with random time
  • auto mission mastery + (will get required loot/inventory)
  • auto fight / Rob
  • auto stats
  • auto health replenish
  • auto banking feature
  • job energy returns calculated
  • auto energy-pack usage
  • auto property purchase
  • auto property protect
  • auto property heal
  • superior log info collection
  • statistic collection
  • ride hitlist feature
  • auto lotto

-fixes for most Zynga changes -added bounty selection options

-fighting fixed -lots of other fixes -new log filter features

-move travel menu -mission optimizations -hitman stats

-fixes for Zynga changes -bug eradication -message parsing enhancements

-new cuba mission support -non-english detection -fixes for Zynga changes -added 'chicken' detection -tons of enhancements

New features: -selling of Cuban business output -health blinks at 20-28 health -if no opponents found, skip fight/rob once before reattempting -display wheelman bonus in log -click simulation for job help -display user name in job help result Other fixes: -"script not responding" after being hitlisted -stamina burn factors in unspent energy -some timer fixes -go to home page when first becoming idle -auto-invite and player update processing no off when script is paused -fix reset of auto-stat -fix graphs that displayed two midnights -don't attempt to detect energy packs except on home page

auto lotto added bug fixes on property purchase auto-skip gift wall notices separate banking for cuba/NY --THANKS DOONCE!

emergency Zynga change fix adds tabs to log

updates to address zynga changes removed noise from player updates

Emergency zynga updates

Numerous fixes from recent Zynga updates. Cuba mission support (beta)


auto-buy properties!! (thanks CyB)
player Updates changes (can keep certain number after logged)
helicopter energy fix
minimum mafia settings in fight mode added
Bug fixes!
just a few bugfixes

Bug fixes
log player updates is an option
visual enhancements

Bug fixes Log tweaks added ride hitlist

Bug fixes to automission mastery and fight/rob Log clearing options added Log aesthetics improved auto property repair/protect added

Tons of new features in this release. New log w/lots of summary information Automission Mastery is now possible.